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Short-Term Trips -- #Missions101

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For the past few weeks and over the next couple weeks, we’ll post some brief summaries of key missions concepts through a series of #Missions101 posts. Our hope is that these posts will help you better understand the mission of God and take the next step in obedience to the Great Commission locally, nationally, and internationally. We welcome comments, questions, and feedback!

Many ask the question, “Why do we take so many Short-Term Trips?” and “Are Short-Term Trips even strategic?”

We believe that Short-Term Trips are extremely strategic and are a vital piece of our overall church planting strategy and the vision God has given us to see 1000 churches planted by 2050 in response to the Great Commission!

There are a few guiding principles that guide how, why, and where we take Short-Term Trips. These plumblines help us ensure that our trips are strategic in nature and are a blessing to our long-term partners as well as those who go on the trips.

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the center of everything. This leads us to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed, promote good contextualization, and practice good stewardship through training and equipping. We take Short-Term Trips to support work that is centered upon the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The local church is God’s Plan A. This means we seek to plant churches where there are no churches, support the local church where churches exist, and view missions and the mission of God through the lens of reproducing Gospel-centered churches. We take Short-Term Trips to places where the long-term work exists for the purposes of seeing local churches planted and strengthened. It’s not that we don’t support other types of work; however, we want our number one priority to be seeing the local church established among every people group.
  • People are the mission, not programs. Therefore, we focus on areas where our people are leading us, direct our resources to areas where we have relationships, and promote short-term involvement that leads to long-term commitment. We take trips that support the work of our long-term partners and avoid trips that are simply focused on accomplishing a project. Our short-term strategy is really led by those on the field – we are going to bless their work, not accomplish our own agenda.

Many ask, “What do you actually do on a trip?” – great question! Our church planters on the ground around the world cannot do the work in these places alone. They need teams of people to come alongside and assist them in their work. Sometimes that involves a team directly involved in ministry that shares the gospel, other times it involves encouraging and serving our church planters so they can be refreshed to complete the longer term work God has called them to. Each team we send is vital to the mission of God! 

We believe that a lifelong commitment to missions often begins with a Short-Term Trip. The Holy Spirit has proved to give people a vision to see his gospel penetrate every people group on earth. We have seen that going short-term often leads to going mid and long-term for many people, and it is often during Short-Term Trips that God calls people deeper into his global mission!

Short-Term Trips are one of the best discipleship opportunities at The Summit Church – they provide a unique opportunity to see and be a part of what God is doing around the world. God is making a great name for himself among all nations and inviting us to join his mission – Short-Term Trips are an opportunity to serve – to pick up a towel and “wash feet,” as Jesus has washed our feet!


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